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Three "3" Ways in Which a Wix Studio Website Can Benefit your New York City-based Business.

Fully responsive? Check. Fast Performing/SEO Compatible? Yes. No-Code required.

The Wix platform's latest and greatest invention (pivoting from Editor X to Wix Studio) - offers more versatile (and efficient) web design/SEO solutions - from fully responsive capabilities to detailed animations (that won't even slow down your website or performance speed)!

  1. Performance Speed. Wix Studio websites, on average, load up to 50% quicker than websites built on the classic Wix Editor. Why this is important: a website for your business (whether based in Manhattan or Queens, NYC) that loads quicker tends to perform even better on search consoles - based on Google's algorithmic scraping!

  2. Cross-Device Responsiveness. Say that you're an industrial contractor based in Long Island, NY - and one of your project managers is pulling up a Wix website on his/her iPad...only to unearth that it isn't aesthetically responsive on that device. Look no further - that problem can be SOLVED now on Wix Studio!

  3. Animations: From Entrance Animations to Scrolls to Hover Boxes - the possibilities are endless with Wix Studio! And what's more: these animations (again, with no code required) will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal, brand identity, and user engagement on your website...but your website will continue to perform quickly and efficiently.

Take a look at some of our designs to get a better idea how we have served our clients - in New York City and beyond. Interested in generating more revenue to your business (beginning with a lead-optimized, SEO-enhanced website on the Wix Studio Platform)?

Schedule a 15 Minute Free Demo with us to Get Started:


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