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Avoid these 5 critical mistakes when hiring a Wix web designer

You are in control of your presence. You are in control of your reality. Why ruin it?


1. Hiring an inexperienced designer

As the old saying goes, "you know a thing or two when you've seen a thing or two"...experience cannot be taught. Hiring an experienced web designer who knows how to ask the right questions is vital for an enjoyable and successful web design process.


2. Overcomplicating the website

Keep it simple! Many web designers compensate for their lack of skill by fluffing and overcomplicating the process and the site itself. Site visitors seek simple and elegant, yet functional websites.


3. Low-ball pricing

You get what you pay for! Would you buy a filet mignon for $2? Probably not. Why? Because it's probably very low quality and disgusting. Your website is oftentimes your first only have one shot!


4. Lacking interpersonal skills

So much of what goes into a website is the feeling that the designer wishes to evoke from the visitor through the website. Many times, skilled coders create functional sites that lack creativity, originality, and emotion. Down to earth designers are most successful in capturing the essence.


5. Promises too good to be true

Web design takes time, thought, and care. When web designers begin to make unrealistic promises, many times customers are being set up for disappointment. If something sounds too good to be true, usually it is!


Are you ready to start your web design journey?

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